Friday, January 4, 2013

O Canada

Sitting in Tim Horton’s with a friend and beside us was a table filled with six elderly women, all at least 70 years of age, deep in conversation. One lady had an oxygen tank with her and it looked like she had some trouble with it when they first sat down. We get up to leave and one lady breaks from their conversation to address us and ask if we know about the hockey going on right now. She is speaking of the World Juniors in process right now. Canada screwed up and lost quarter final to USA and Russia did the same with Sweden. These ladies were arguing over who was playing who for bronze, silver and gold. My friend and I were to set them straight.

We chatted and laughed a bit and I was glad to have had them play a part in my day. As we started to leave the lady with the oxygen tank asked if I knew anything about it and if I could fix it for her. I told her that I would not be that helpful in that regards but reminded her that she was at Tim Horton’s and someone that would know something about them would probably be along shortly.

As I left, I smiled with the thought that only in Canada would you find a group of six older ladies arguing in a coffee shop over hockey. I was also reminded of my departed grandma. She would have loved to have been at the table with these ladies.

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