Monday, February 23, 2009

Canadian Travesty

So a few years ago I sent this little note into the Calgary Sun and they printed it in the letters to the editor section. It was a time when Chretien was our PM and the liberals were spending way to much time on whether or not to leagalize pot.


Canadian Travesty

Well the great coffee scurry has finally come to an end for yet another spring at Tim Horton’s. It seems like only a few short days ago when I drove up to the window with buzzed (perhaps a coffee rush from the day before) anticipation of sipping from my first cup of the season, looking forward to that great taste topped off with a chance to Roll-Up-The-Rim-And-Win.

After a few wins and a few weeks, I think all Canadians start to feel the extra caffeine taking over their vital systems, which also including the staff at Tim’s. During the last week of the contest, on three different occasions and from two different Tim’s, I had just finished lapping up my last drop of coffee looking forward to the roll only to find my rim had already been rolled! I can’t tell you the devastation, violation, and feelings of deep depression that descended on my spirit. Somebody’s dirty fingers had touched my rim!

Somebody’s cheated me out of my free something-or-other! What do I do?! Who do I call?! Where do I go!? Is this something Chretien should deal with or is he busy with the pot thing!? Next year, Tim, please keep you fingers off my rims!

Jordan Polson

It was fun to write and even funner when they picked it up and printed it. I ran out and bought a few copies, which I still have today. A proud moment for sure. I have absolutely no idea what to do with them today!


0 for 1

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