Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back Up Plan?

So I’ve been away from home for that past two weeks and have had all kinds of Internet withdrawal fits. I’ve got a couple of posts to catch up on with some of my thoughts over those two weeks and then maybe I’ll get back down to business with something worth reading.

We came home yesterday on a flight that has those “two” compartments for all the people. You know the ones I’m talking about, first class and second class. Have you ever noticed getting on one of these flights and it’s just a natural thing to look at all the people you are passing on either side of you? But as you pass through the first class, these people are sitting comfortably in their spacious seats with lots of leg room and they are not looking at you. Heads down, they are attempting to read a book or a newspaper, working on a laptop, maybe sleeping (like as if you could sleep with 200 people walking by you), but absolutely anything they can grab right away so that they don’t have to catch your eye. Total avoidance! I’m thinking that they are either suffering from a huge case of guilt or they got attitude. I’m hoping the former.

As soon as you get by them and into the second class area, everyone is getting settled in with all the hustle and bustle. At least half are settled and are now looking at all those coming down the aisle wondering who might be sitting beside them. You can catch half of them directly eye to eye. It’s like they are thinking, “Hey, look who’s one of us!” And you’re walking down the aisle, aware of the first class area you just passed through, and you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m one of you guys!”

And then we all get nicely settled …. and the curtain closed.

I’m sitting there listening to the schpeel on preparing for a disaster, and there is a little sign on the back of the seat in front of me that says “Use your seat cushion as a floatation device if we go down over water.” (Or some such statement.) I’m thinking, so what do they get up there? They don’t have that sign! They must get one of those yellow floatation vests that go around your neck and keep you bobbing upright in the water. We get a square rubber cushion to hang on to as we try to keep our noses up and out of the water. They get a little cord to pull, and then a little back up hose to blow in if it fails. What’s our back up plan?

I laughed and then had a sleep. I was just thankful that I was only a few hours away from a Tim Horton’s’.


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  1. I noticed that you didn't comment about how you missed my birthday because you were on vacation. :P


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