Monday, March 23, 2009

It's going to be a good day

One day last week in Phoenix I got up early and headed to a local coffee shop. I was sitting there at 7:00am with my coffee and reading a great book. I’m at a table against the window where the morning sun is pouring in and it felt warm and great. Everything was perfect. Coffee, book, sun, music on low, I think Leona Lewis.

I looked up from my book and just outside my window a couple drives up in a Jeep Cherokee. He parks the car and they talk for a minute. They are maybe 55ish.

I have one of those moments where everything went into slow motion and I became aware of everything that was happening around me. So I start watching this play unfold in front of me. He opens his door and gets out. She’s not moving, just sitting there quietly with a peaceful look on her face. He heads towards the back of the vehicle and walks around to the other side. Not fast, not slow, just the right speed like he was thinking. It’s like he was in this special moment enjoying the full experience of having the opportunity to show a bit of kindness and affection to someone of great value.

He arrives at her door and opens it for her, she steps out like the queen she is and stands up front of him and looks at him and then smiles. This was no special occasion to hold the door open, it was just coffee. But it was as if this was the norm for them. It looked like they just didn’t know any other way.

They walk together to the coffee shop. They are not walking like they are on a mission to have coffee. It’s like their mission was just to be together. There was something quite poetic about it all.

I had to turn my head and shoulders around so that I could still watch them as they approached the door to the coffee shop. Again, he opens the door for her. She steps in. It was then that I suddenly realized that my time with them had ended and so I reluctantly turned around and was once again with my coffee, a bit of sun and my book.

I think that today needs to be different than yesterday for me. I am going to show some kindness and affection to my wife and treat her like the queen that she is. Today I get to be in her presence. I’m sure it’ll be a good day. Tomorrow too!

EEKKIHSKEKEKEESKKKEKK!!!! (The sound of a turntable record that is being stopped and scratched)

Sheesh! I can’t believe I wrote that mushy stuff! Someone get me a beer!

Okay, I wrote it. But don’t go thinking I’m all mushy and stuff. I'm still going to have a great day with my wonderful wife.


7 for 24
No Tim’s yesterday. Sadness.

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  1. Here I was, getting all smushy. Shoulda known better. LOL!


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