Monday, August 24, 2009

Off to Lebanon

Well, today Kathleen and I are off to Lebanon. I’ve had so many things in the air that I’ve been juggling that I’ve not really had much time to think about this trip and what it might mean to me, Kath, or Matthieu and Siham (the couple we have come to know and love form Lebanon leading the NGO – Bridges of Love). I suppose I’ll have some time on the plane! I think we are 4-5 hours to Huston, then a one hour overlay and then 15 hours to Doha, Qatar. We stay the night and then off to Beirut the next day. Yep, lots of time to think.

The team of 9 will be working on a dilapidated old school building for a Bedouin camp. We will fixing and painting. Then once some of the rooms get painted, Kath gets to go in and paint some murals. She is really looking forward to that! Another lady with us, Rita, will be helping Bridges of Love with their web site. I’ll also get to work closely with Matthieu and his team doing some leadership development and some strategic ministry planning.

Also in the mix of all that, we will be putting on a Children’s Program, a Women’s Program and a Men’s Program. I can fill you in a little more about that later.

So I actually have my bags packed, and just a couple odds and ends to do before I head to the airport. It feels a little weird!

You can follow us on the trip through this blog, the team blog perhaps Anton’s blog (not sure on his).

Later ...

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