Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flight time

(on a plane, posted after arrival)

Matchbox city up here.

Heading to Doha. It’s about a 13-14 hour flight from Houston. We’ve got about 3 hours left. I’m amazed at the stats you can get on these things. Some computer feeds the screen in front of me with the altitude, the air speed, the temperature outside. It’s -55 Celsius. Like I care. It’s a balmy 21 inside, slight breeze, food, movies, music, cute blond with glasses . . .

I wonder if the plane goes down whether all the stats are still displayed on the screen in front of me. The big dip in the altitude, the temperature changes, the ground gets closer .... Do they have preloaded a jpeg of a plane with an engine burning or a plane with no wing? I would have. Why not sim it in real time. Take the mind off one’s immediate problems.

I’m going South-East-East right now.

Listening to Pink Floyd . . . D’oh! I just let you know too much.

Okay, now worship music on my iPod.

If you ever get a chance to fly Qatar Airlines then take it. This is great service. They treat you like a prince with all the stuff they give you. When I got on they had a pillow and a blanket on my seat. Imagine that, not having to ask for one. Amazing. Then they gave me a little pouch with some socks, a toothbrush and some paste, an eye mask for sleeping, . . . and something else I can’t remember. Then before dinner they brought each person a hot washcloth for you to wash your hands and boy did it feel good on the face. Too bad for those with makeup!

They just brought me a Tim Horton’s coffee!

Okay, I won’t do that again. Just the thought! It’s going to be 15 days before I taste another one of those.

Okay, breakfast time.


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  1. You're kinda morbid, eh?! And Pink Floyd? Seriously? I'm so sorry... :)


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