Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change in Blogs

Hi everyone,

I've split off into two other blogs now and want you to feel free to visit them as you wish. This blog will get the odd post once in a while, but it will mostly be related to my personal life and anything I choose to post here in that regard. You may only get a post or two a month so don't hold your breath.

The first blog I want to introduce you to is specifically for CrossRoads Church. I will be posting once a week to this blog and give you a little bit of church life behind the scenes that you might not otherwise get reading our Crossing magazine or the bulletin on a Sunday morning. Each time I create a blog I'm going to ask you a question that allows for you to interact with me and others that may read it. Some of these questions will be a great help to the leadership in planing the way forward for CrossRoads.

The second blog is an attempt to start a leadership blog for me to get my thoughts down on paper around some of the lessons I am learning and of course, looking forward to what lessons are coming around the corner for me and anyone else that might be reading. This too is probably a weekly blog and will end with some thought provoking question that you might want to engage. It's called Leadership in View.



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