Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great people

I’m now at home on my couch typing this up. Seems like the past two weeks just flew by when I look at it from this side. I’ve got a few reflections that I am going to be working through over the next few days but first I want to tell you about these wonderful people that I was able serve with.

Albert: What a wonderful guy. Full of joy. Easy to make laugh, easy to be the cause of laughter. He worked real hard at a couple of key projects and did a wonderful job. But more than that, he made instant meaningful connections (relationships) with our host. He has this way about him that is both kind and gentle, yet he has the courage of a lion. Both Albert and Glen brought wisdom and insight to the men’s program.

Glen: I really like this guy. He is a steady rock. Deep thinker. Fun to hang out with. I know that he probably didn’t want to be painting for two weeks since that’s what he does at home, but he was the one key person that made our time productive on the painting front. Many worked hard, but he was most definitely our painting leader and our model. In a world where tools are scarce, he rose above all of them and showed us that we can do it, and do it well. Thanks Glen.

Rita: She is a such great person. She put the web site together for Bridges of Love and we hope to see it in production real soon. I saw the initial design and it looked great! It’s hard to say who was the hardest worker on the team. But wow, she worked hard. Every time I saw her she was carrying a broom, a paint brush, a paint roller, etc. Besides the work projects, she also helped Debra with the women’s program. I know she had an impact on the hearts of some of those women. She has a tender heart too like Albert. I like her.

Rebekka: So young and full of life! She was our youngest yet she fit in with the rest of us all very well. Picture with me a crazy mix of painting, cleaning, and women and men programs, with 15+ children running through everything all day long. Our first day was crazy until we asked Rebekka to invest some time with the children and keep them busy and out of our hair, but also build relationships with them. She did both very well. She was our blessing.

Debra: A woman of God. Wants to honor Him in all she does. And she did an amazing job with the women’s program. It takes a special kind of leader and facilitator to get people to share deeply. Someone who is able to help others feel save to share. That’s Debra. She also helped out in a lot painting. Always had paint on her! I got to paint a couple times with her and enjoyed our conversations.

Kurtis: A man who thinks deeply about the things of God. Kurtis was the brunt of a lot of kidding. He wears it well, but in reality, all of us greatly loved and respected this guy. I loved visiting with him, talking about life, parents, work, God, Bedouins, etc. He made me smile often. Not because of the kidding he took, but because whenever I thought of him, I was proud to be on a team with him. He’s a great person.

Kathleen: I might be a little bias on this one, so I’ll try and be fair. She is drop dead gorgeous! If I
can say that! I love her creativity. She did such a great job of putting the murals together. She had to juggle many women who wanted to partake in painting a part of the mural. So between teaching, directing, redirecting, and helping she never got to do much hands-on painting. Yet she produced something beautiful through so many hands. Good job! She also lead two major children programs with Kurtis and Rebekka and did a great job with all the children, who were totally nonstop hyper.

Anton: This guy held us all together. He knew when he needed to join with us in a task of painting a wall or cleaning. He authentically modeled the whole way through the two weeks what he expected of each of us. He was honest about his own thoughts during our debriefing times, he modeled for us the work ethics he asked of each of us, he prayed for us, he encouraged us when we needed encouraging. He was sensitive to our needs when we became stressed and responded with grace. He prepared us well for how flexible we needed to be throughout the two weeks. In a world where there were many expectations from many directions, that being our team, the school, the BOL Team and Matthieu, I felt as though he showed exceptional balance. Well done

I know that I could never do all these wonderful people justice by writing this, so please take everything I wrote and know that I short changed them on their greatness and servant-hood. If you see them this Sunday at church, be sure to bless them with a smile and a hug.


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