Monday, September 7, 2009

From one child to another - love and compassion

Before I left for Lebanon I had a young girl from our church ask if she could send some of her clothes to Lebanon for someone that could use them since she had out grown them. I said sure, I’ll take them and see what I could do.

On the last Friday we spent in the Bedouin village I asked Siham and the wife of our host if they knew of anyone in the village that would need these clothes, some sunglasses, an English bible, and a stuffed toy dog. It was easy for them to come up with family in need.

This family is without a father. He has been out of the picture for a little over a year. A single mom with 10 children of which there was more than one set of twins. Siham and our hostess brought two little girls from this family into the compound and into a room where I could visit with them a bit. I could see in their eyes and by their actions they were both shy and yet curious. No smiles. They were wearing some clothes that looked a little grubby. Siham later told me that their mom had dressed them in their best clothes before she sent them over to the compound.

We began to see what might fit each of the girls, one a little older than the other. It wasn’t until they received an article of clothing in their hands did we begin to see some smiles. A couple of articles were a little too small and our hostess told us that they had a little sister that could use the clothes that were too small. Then we gave the youngest one the toy dog and the sunglasses. She beamed from ear to ear. Neither of them spoke a word through this whole time. Siham spoke to them and asked them to share the dog and the glasses with each other. They were happy to do so.

We added to their gifts some pencil crayons for the older one, wax crayons for the younger, candy, scissors and glue and some paper for coloring.

I spoke to Matthieu later about this exchange and he filled me in on a little more about the family. A little over a year ago the father had become a new believer. Just two days after asking and receiving a bible from Matthieu he was shot to his death on is way in to town. Many here lose their lives here after confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Now our host, chief of this Bedouin tribe takes care of this family as best he can with the limited resources he has.

So from around the world a young girl at CrossRoads understood all on her own what it means to give life to another person in a foreign country. She has impacted three little girls, showing the love and compassion of Jesus in a very practical way. I’m sure there is also one more mother in Lebanon now that has received some encouragement and hope as she sees a little joy being inserted in the lives of her children.



  1. Hi Pastor Jordan. Thank-you for taking my gifts all the way to Lebanon. Love Abbey.

  2. You're welcome! I've got some pics and a video to show you from them. They were very grateful.


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