Monday, September 14, 2009

Personal Boundaries

Okay, so this last question that I'm going to post on Lebanon might get me in trouble with some of you. So be it. We will all feel better tomorrow.

What were some of the things that stretched your boundaries?

First let me make clear that I believe that there is only one way to God, that being through Jesus Christ and His work on the cross and His resurrection. You can’t move me off of this position. (If I didn’t say all that then you wouldn’t have read past the next paragraph and I would lose you as a reader for good!).

Now having said that, I find it amazing how God leads people differently to that same knowledge and understanding, and He seems to do this through the culture in which you find yourself living within. Before this trip I would have not accepted the term “Muslim Believer”. Today I believe that God is bringing Muslims to himself and showing them the finished work of Christ, yet not asking them to give up their Muslim culture, just their Muslim beliefs.

It’s true, they are slowly giving up those rules and laws that have bound them for many generations, but the traditions and key cultural points remain very important to them. For most of these new believers, it’s still a very long road to move from rules and regulations to a practical view of grace and freedom in Christ. But it’s still happening. They will always respect the Koran but they have a new love of the Bible and the words of Christ and it’s changing them.

So I come home thinking how many times I was quick to judge the bartender that came to know Jesus that was still bartending, or the couple that came to Christ and still lives together, or the . . . . well, I’ll let you finish the line with your own judgments. The fact remains that the Holy Spirit changes us all into the likeness of Christ at each our own speed and not necessarily everyone at the speed that I think it should happen, or God forbid, we would all be in trouble.

For our Muslim brothers and sisters in Christ (did that hurt your head?!), they will always feel uncomfortable around “Christians” but very comfortable around “believers” no matter where you come from in this world. (The word “Christian” means something completely different to them than the word “believer”.)

Pray for them with me. Many are losing their lives for Christ, for they are not ashamed of this new Gospel that has completely set them free.

If you made it this far in this blog then I'm sure I just stretched your boundaries a bit. Smile, take two pills, read some scripture and call someone in the morning.


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