Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Ghana to Lebanon

So today you get to start listening to my diatribe once again, since I am feeling like I need to blog a bit in light of my upcoming trip to Ghana and Lebanon next week. I'll try and keep you informed and entertained as I trek.

Like for instance, I'm using this time to run away from the Flames and Stampeders. Both for the same reasons. I just can’t watch them. The Stamps because they might lose and the Flames because they are losing every game they play. Sheesh. I think I need to find a nice sandy area to stick my head in. Maybe it will all be okay when I get back to Alberta.

I'm missing my work already and I've not left the office yet. I miss my staff. I miss Sunday. I miss my girls and my boy. (Yes, I got a boy now. Comes with one of the girls. He's great.)

So, stay tuned. I’ll keep something running here.


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