Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jesus did well

Monday morning:

This morning we went to the office where Wes and Katie work, and presented some gifts to the team of 5 that work with them. They are all Ghanaian and trained in linguistics and tranlation and played a huge part in the 21 year project of translating the Nkonya New Testament. The gifts we presented were netbooks from Canada that Wes has configured specifically for each one. They were completely taken by surprise and it was fun to do this for them. CrossRoads also played a part in completing the office for them, so I had a chance to see it and appreciate what we’ve been able to do for this team.

This was really special for Wes and Katie to do this for them, with CrossRoads help on the netbooks, to show them how special they are and appreciate their efforts. After they opened the gifts and chatted excitedly about their new netbooks, Fostor, one of the team stood up and held his netbook high and started to dance and sing to the Lord. The other 4 followed quickly and we watched and were blessed. Katie said the song was something like, “Jesus did well, He is so good to me!”


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