Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Humbled or Humble

Monday Morning:

Well hydrated but still sick. Getting better. Thanks for those that were praying; and for those that made sport of me, well, I'll let God deal with you personally.   :)

I am often quick to write a day off when it doesn’t go down the way I had it planned. Drives me nuts, and when I am the one that was the primary cause, well those are the easiest to write off. When it’s something or someone else that is the cause, then I can extend some grace in that direction, usually.

So to have a day here like that when every moment is prime time, and I was the cause of a write-off, well, I’m still smarting a little when I think of it.

I know better than that. So today I needed to reflect and be reminded that every moment is prime time, regardless of circumstances. I need to take my own advice on this one. I often tell others that every circumstance is ripe for the picking of moments to hear God, moments to learn, and moments to grow. A veritable smorgasbord of rich learning points if you so choose to allow.

So on reflection:

1. Pride always brings a person low eventually. Usually we like to think we are good at knowing when to be humble and when it’s okay to not be. But when we are forced into a state of humility, well, you want to fight back with everything in you. God said it clearly, if you will not humble yourself, I will humble you. This gives me a vivid picture of a person being pushed face down in the dirt (being made humble due to one’s pride) and this person pushing back with all his might attempting to get up. Yet there is no winning here until the person completely relaxes and allows himself to be content in being laid low. Complete abject humility. This is a person God can work with and transform.

2. It’s then amazing, how after relaxing in your humility that you are then able to see the grace that was surrounding you from the very start. Grace from people around you, grace from God. It has an amazing sustaining power to it

Ever found yourself forced into a humble state? Check it out, if you are still fighting it, you’ll never see or experience the grace that accompanied it from the very start. Relax and be truly humble in your spirit, accepting all that God wants to undertake in you. Being made humble and being truly humble are two completely different things. I hope I recognize the difference and respond with humility when called upon.


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  1. Thanks for this! I needed to hear it, and I will be spending some time on my knees today! Also want to let you know that I'm praying for you :D
    Have a great day!


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