Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Real Me Stands Up

I'm a fairly private person and if you know me, you don't get too much of what's rolling around in my head as far as emotions and such. You get the facts. You might get what I'm thinking but there will never be much there as to what I am feeling.

But there is the odd time when I open up and give you more of what runs around up there so I'm going to ask you to treat what I share with care and don't expect it too often.

For this current trip to Ghana and Lebanon, I'm going to have some fun throwing out a few of those crazy thoughts. And yes, I really am wired that way, just try and suppress any reference to it next time I may see you in person. I'll be embarrassed.

Much appreciated. Enjoy my blogs from hereon out till I get back after-which we can get back to just the facts.



ps - I sure hope you people don't take me too seriously.

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