Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Good Day

Sitting on the plane while I write this. What a great day. What a beautiful plane of people. I just love the variety. So many unique people. Everyone here created in the image of God, each one doing life the only way they know how. I'm sure some here with me are close to God while many more have no idea of how much God thinks about them.

Beautiful people. A little baby has been crying for some time. Not fusing, really crying where you wonder if there is room for breathing. Two sitting behind me didn't know each other but soon started visiting with each other, mostly about religion. They both have their headphones on so they are talking at a very high level. She is the child of all gods. Christian, Hindu, Muslim among others I've never heard of. He subscribes to goodness. Goodness is all around us in every being regardless of faith. The couple beside us are of another color. They look Russian and smell like some really bad food, but I'm sure they really enjoy their diet. (I wonder what I smell like to them, hamburger?) An older couple to the front and to my right are sweet. From Pakistan perhaps. He is curious and looks at everyone around him. He is wearing a turban. She looks like she would be a great grandma. A child way over on the other side can't stop talking because she is excited even when dad constantly tells her to settle down. I think they are an Indian family.

In front of us is another elderly couple. Mediterranean Of some sort I think. They are having a hard time with everything. Seat back, head rest, tv, tray, seatbelt. There son comes from somewhere else on the plane and helps them. He is respectful, kind, and gentle. I find myself smiling whenever he shows up. He reminds me of my brother.

People on the plane. I'm glad I'm one of them. I'm glad God chooses to love me like these. While I'm in a sea of color and culture and personalities, God deals directly with me with my stuff. Personally touched by God. I know His Spirit is equally engaged with each one here. Someday, for those who do not yet know his Presence, I hope they find him. That will be a good day too.


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  1. Hi Jordan and Kathleen,
    Loved this blog about all the people.
    I have never posted a comment on a blog before, so I will see if this works.
    I didn't read about your trip in any church bulletin.


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