Monday, November 15, 2010

Lesson learned, . . . maybe.

Interesting. So I learned a good lesson this past week. Well, not sure if I learned it fully yet, but I certainly became fully aware of a glaring “way” of mine.

So months ago when I knew I was heading to Ghana I asked Kathleen to join me because her cousin lives there and she rarely sees him. He is a wonderful man that has been instrumental in the development of most of the game preserves that now exist in Ghana. She was excited!

I’m thinking all along that I need to be gone no more than two weeks because I’ve got work to do here! Things to think about. Plans to make. Actions to take. People to see. Tap . . tap . . tap. Naturally, I think that I have to pack everything I can into these two weeks to make them as efficient as possible so I can get done there and get back to Alberta where life would be waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

Our trip was to include quality time with her cousin, two other friends in Ghana that we needed to connect with, and the Ghana team I was primarily going to meet. Oh, and preach too, see an aids clinic, and um, something else that I can’t think of right now. And hey, why not also skip over to Lebanon and encourage the team on the ground there since I am not too far away. I think I can do that in two weeks. So then I also put together about 6 things I wanted to accomplish in Lebanon. Kathleen and I will be gone for 15 days, 5 of which are travel days.

Sounded good to me (idiot that I am).

So now a week before we go I’m discussing our itinerary with my wife, the team in Ghana, Kathleen’s cousin, Matthieu and others in Lebanon, and it just get’s funnier every time I try and explain how everything is going to work. I’ve got people all over this world upset with me now and I’m like . . . . wow!

This morning I’m going to see if I can get some tickets changed before we leave on Wednesday. I’m so glad for my wife because while she may be upset with me, she can also laugh at me and with me in my foolishness. She is a doll.


ps. Happy Birthday Jordan, I certainly hope it’s not too late for you to learn something new today.

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